How many individuals use and own bitcoin

How many individuals use and own bitcoin

This is an excellent question because it might show widespread acceptance. The number of Bitcoin users worldwide, however, will never be known. The number of Bitcoin users can only be estimated, as will be shown below.

Examining the amount held in various addresses is the most popular technique for estimating the total number of Bitcoin owners.

How many people use bitcoin every day

More than 270,000 transactions are processed every day on the Bitcoin network.

This figure is misleading because numerous recipients can be involved in a single transaction.

Each day, between 700,000 and 1,000,000 addresses are active. This implies that between 300,000 and 500,000 different users transfer or receive bitcoin every day. According to the graph below, there will be about 30 million active addresses per month by 2022.

The number of daily active addresses fell to about 720,000 by March 2021.

All of this is occurring despite a rising price, indicating that investors are not switching their money around and may be choosing to stick onto their investments in order to realize more gains.

What Percentage of People Own at Least One Bitcoin

There are 818,923 addresses with at least one bitcoin in them as of November 23, 2021. This does not imply that 818,923 people own one or more bitcoins.

On the one hand, we don’t know how many people own multiple addresses with at least one bitcoin in them. However, fewer people would hold several bitcoins overall as a result of this.

On the other side, there are addresses held in thousands of bitcoins by exchanges. Numerous thousands of people hold these bitcoins, and many of them have multiple bitcoins in that address. The number of addresses with 10,000 BTC or more is shown in the chart below. These addresses are huge custodians holding bitcoin for numerous users, if not the majority of them.

As a result, more people would own several bitcoins overall.

Due to these circumstances, it is hard to tell with certainty how many individuals own more than one bitcoin, but we may use this data to generate educated predictions that the number is likely somewhere in the range of a million, give or take a few hundred thousand.

Which nations have banned people who use bitcoin

For many people, especially those in positions of power, bitcoin is a contentious asset. A government’s ability to manufacture money is one of its most prized assets.

This article aims to compile the constantly-evolving list of nations that have outlawed Bitcoin, reinstated it, and occasionally banned it once more.


In China, Bitcoin has been ‘banned’ on numerous occasions.

The first occurred in December 2013, when the People’s Bank of China decided to outlaw Bitcoin because of its links to the illicit traffic in drugs and weapons.

This embargo was eventually abolished.

That is, until Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal reported in January 2017 that Chinese regulators will prohibit all virtual currency transactions.

The city of Shanghai did stop trading in bitcoin exchanges there, even though this never really happened.

In June 2021, China also outlawed all Bitcoin mining operations there. The Communist regime’s most severe act of hostility toward Bitcoin, despite not forbidding ownership or use, was the ban on Bitcoin mining.


Bitcoin has never been formally outlawed in Russia.

However, it did issue cautions to those exchanging it in February 2014.

In essence, the warnings stated that exchangers will continue to be investigated for possible money laundering and sponsorship of terrorism. The citation further stated that it is illegal in Russia to use another currency as a “money substitute.”

Both the Ruble and Bitcoin are not accepted in Russia.

Although these citations have never been legally withdrawn by Russia, exchanges and mining firms are still active there.


A Thai-run Bitcoin exchange called Bitcoin Co applied to the Thai government for a license to operate as a money exchange in July 2013.

Because Bitcoin is not a money, the regulating body that made this decision rejected Bitcoin Co’s request for a license. The board gave Bitcoin Co. the opportunity to argue for the use of Bitcoin as money and maybe have their application reevaluated.

A short time after the appeal was approved, the Central Bank of Thailand issued a preliminary judgement declaring that because there are no rules in place, utilizing Bitcoins in the manner stated by Bitcoin Co is unlawful.

Although there are exchanges functioning in Thailand at the moment, there do not appear to have been any consequences for customers purchasing Bitcoin as long as the exchange registers for a Business Development Department e-commerce license. It is uncertain if there have been any legal developments.

Currently, Bitcoin is legal in nations including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and others.


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