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How to Mine Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)?

Mine Bitcoin Diamond

Why should you mine Bitcoin Diamond?

Bitcoin Diamond is better than Bitcoin (BTC) in various aspects. Here are some reasons for you to Mine Bitcoin Diamond:

Bitcoin Diamond has better privacy than Bitcoin

Bitcoin Diamond uses the X13 hashing algorithm, which offers more security and privacy for the users. It’s way more difficult to hack, and it will give the users better anonymity for their transactions.

Bitcoin Diamond has a bigger block size

The bigger the block size, the faster each transaction will go. With Bitcoin Diamond, it has a bigger block size than BTC, so each transaction will go faster, and it will also give much better profitability for miners.

Bitcoin Diamond offers a lower transfer fee

Bitcoin Diamond offers a lower transfer fee for each transaction when compared to BTC, so the users can take advantage of the lower transfer fee to save their assets more on each transaction.

Requirements for BCD Mining

Mining for Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) requires you to set up certain hardware requirements before you can start the mining process. For BCD, you will need to use the ASIC mining machines that are compatible with the X13 hashing algorithm. Then, you will need to set the mining rigs with a fast internet connection of at least 1MB/s speed. Be sure to have enough electricity to handle all the mining processes, as you will need to keep the mining machines powered on all the time.

Last but not least, you will need to prepare for a wallet to receive the BCD earnings from your mining process. There are some wallet options you can use to receive your BCD cryptocurrency, so that you can use it in various transactions or cash it out.

How to Mine Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

Mining the Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) cryptocurrency is the same as mining the other crypto assets. However, with BCD, you will need to use a specific mining machine, because it uses the X13 hash algorithm. It’s better for you to use the ASIC mining rigs rather than using the GPU setup, as it will give you faster hash rates during the mining process. Here are the simple steps to mine Bitcoin Diamond (BCD):

Prepare the mining hardware

First, you need to prepare the ASIC mining hardware compatible with the X13 hash algorithm. Then, connect the mining hardware to the power source and connect it to the internet using the LAN cable. Be sure to meet all the power and internet requirements for running the mining operations. Recommended hardware: Baikal Giant A900.

Use your preferred mining pool

There are various mining pools you can use, and by using a mining pool, you can increase your success rate in the mining operations. Yes, you might need to pay some fees to the mining pool, but it will be well worth it. Register your account with the mining pool of your choice to start the mining operations right away. Recommended mining pool: BTCC POOL.

Configure the software side

Next, you will need to configure the software side of your mining operations. In this process, you will need to find the IP address of your mining hardware and configure the mining pool you use on your mining hardware. Don’t forget to set up the wallet for your BCD mining operations, as the wallet will collect all your earnings later.

Start mine bitcoin diamond

The next thing to do is to start the mining process. After configuring the mining hardware and all the software configurations, you are ready to start the mining operation. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and a stable power source to keep the mining operations undisturbed.

Factors that Affect Your BCD Earnings

Your earnings from the Bitcoin Diamond mining operation will vary depending on various factors. You might earn more this month than the previous month, and it will all depend on how your mining setup performs. Here are some factors that affect your BCD earnings:

Your mining hardware performance

The faster your hardware’s hash rate, the better it will be for you to earn Bitcoin Diamond using that hardware.

Electricity and internet connection stability

Your electricity and internet connection need to be stable and uninterrupted, so your mining rigs can process all the BCD transactions with no interruptions.

The number of transactions you can process

The more transactions you can process with your mining hardware, the higher the chance for you to earn BCD cryptocurrency from your transactions.

Costs you need to pay

The lower the costs you need to pay, such as the costs of electricity, pool fees, and internet connection, the higher the margin of profits you can get from your mining operations.

Block rewards and difficulty

The rewards offered on each block will also affect your Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) earnings, and the block encryption difficulty will also contribute to your earning potential.


You have learned how to mine Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and how you can earn from it. With the right mining hardware, the right pool, and the right configurations, you can start your BCD mining operations today and earn consistent profits from it.

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