Yes, XRP Is A Good Investment In 2022

Standing at the crossroad, investors cannot help but wonder the next move they make towards those cryptocurrencies at hands and ongoing investments. Since the crash happened last year, crypto market seems to bring a lot of doubts to both players who are already in and plan to be in. Fortunately, according to statistics made out to the public and the history of cryptocurrency, the whole crypto market will bounce back and regain its vitality some day though it is in its downhill. This long-term sign made investors who have just gotten out of the swamp jump into it again without any hesitation. However, with Bitcoin, the giant in crypto market, continuously hitting its ground, some investors made their retreat and decide to turn to other cryptocurrency. Ripple(XRP), one of the uprising cryptocurrency lately, makes its way through the “blood road” and comes to players’ view.  

What Is Ripple? What is XRP?

To be more accurate, Ripple is not a cryptocurrency, but XRP is. Ripple Labs Inc. created a real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network. Ripple claims to be able to facilitate “secure, instantaneous, and almost free worldwide financial transactions of any size with no chargebacks.” The native cryptocurrency XRP is used in the ledger.

What is XRP Investment?

Characters of XRP

  Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, XRP obviously has its character which can be defied as offering low transaction fees and extremely fast processing time. The transaction can be done within 5 seconds with low fee required. That makes it an alternative to SWIFT, the international payments system that most banks use currently. Not to mention it has partnered with hundreds of financial institutions that use the technology. With certain user groups, the use of this cryptocurrency is guaranteed. Surely that has attracted and will attract huge amount of investors to throw money in XRP for its potential to be applied worldwide.  

How Does XRP Be Used on Ripple

It uses a consensus protocol to verify transactions made on Ripple. Taking a role as bridge currency, it benefits its users by way much cutting the cost of transaction time and the fee required. Only used needed is to practise the act on Ripple, the network.

How to invest XRP?

It is quite easy for all it needs is to sign up an account on an exchange that offers it. And the purchase can be done by using any exchange’s accepted payment method. Then the best two ways of investment are mining and trading. Oops, convenience comes at start up! There goes your way of investment!

Why You Should Make Investment in XRP?

Knowing what the cryptocurrency it is and characters is way much not enough to make players jump into it without hesitation. We need some strong points while there is always risk coming first in any investment.

Features make his advantage 

As what mentioned above, XRP beholds benefits of fast transactions and low fee cost, it could offer huge convenience to both side of transactions. What make things glittering lies always on themselves. It helps the trade goes smoothly in a secure environment.

Favorable External Reasons to Investment 

Despite the advantages built inside, there are favorable factors emerging constantly. First, since the crypto market is expanding from time to time, Ripple must get its time to shine when the overall environment is spreading its territory. Second, Ripple has a growing presence in Asia market. As we all known, Asian market has a large potential customer base. Third, the case with SEC goes well lately. Last, it continues to benefit from FOMO(fear of missing out), which drives Ripple to survive.

Future Prediction about XRP Price

Currently, Ripple holds the 8th place in the coin market cap. As we can see in the below chart, with the circling is shortening shown, it reaches its peak fast. The next price surge is imminent since it has touched its bottom line lately. If this trend continues, XRP would be in its bullish state. Moreover, it might surpass its current all-time-high(ATH). thrilling, players!

According to some experts, the trend is going without major falls occurred in 2023. And the first half of the year will witness the significant rice of its price. In the ongoing few years, the overall trend is still rising and the company will set aside more time to develop new project, so as to fulfil the needs of market and users.

With a bright future ahead of it, XRP really get its time to shine. The investment towards it is reliable and worth a shot.


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