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Notifications of Commodity Futures Trading
Financial Q&A

Notifications of Commodity Futures Trading

Although most people might think that commodity futures are a recent concept, they have a long history in India. In 1875, a cotton futures exchange already existed. However, due to

Anonymity Feature of Blockchain

Anonymity is the second most important feature of blockchain assets, after decentralization. Anonymity is the phenomenon in which individuals hide their personalities in depersonalized groups. Blockchain anonymity means that others

Whipsawing and Shipping Features

It is very realistic that the only purpose of investing stock is to make money. So we would choose stocks advance rather than those decline. It is for this reason

Commodity Currency: What is it?

Definition Commodity currency refers to the physical commodity that has value in itself. Its commodity value is equal to the currency value and can be used as a medium of

Features of Buyout Funds

Buyout funds are funds that focus on mergers and acquisitions of target companies. Its investment method is to acquire control over the target enterprise by acquiring the equity of the