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the Collapse of LUNA: What’s the Reason?

In the past two days, Luna has been on the hot search list of various platforms. Although it is not as famous as Bitcoin, it is similar to the original

Don’t Think About Buying At The Bottom Of Luna

After the breakdown of LUNA, will you buy at the bottom? From the past to the present, the technology of blockchain has been continuously applied more widely. In the past,

Do Kwon: “Korean Musk” or “Liar Holmes”?

Yonhap News Agency reported that the global virtual currency market has suffered a huge impact due to the collapse of the South Korean virtual currency Luna currency and the stable

Can Luna be Successfully Counterattacked?

In the past week, the virtual currency market suffered a bloodbath, and the decline of Luna coins in the market was somewhat panic selling. However, short-term estimates are still dominated

What Can We Learn From LUNA

In the currency circle last week, LUNA was the most popular.In the past, LUNA’s market value was the highest in the top five, with a total market value of more

TRC20-USDT Circulation Exceeded 42.7 Billion
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TRC20-USDT Circulation Exceeded 42.7 Billion

The latest information: The circulation of TRC20-USDT has exceeded 42.7 billion, and the holding accounts have exceeded 12.92 million. TRC20-USDT is a USD-pegged stablecoin issued by Tether based on the

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